BABOR product lines

The solid scientific research plays a central role in the DNA of BABOR:

From the idea to the finished product each step is made in Germany. There is no doubt in our philosophy that beauty is something very personal. Every cream, lotion and ampoule is designed for a specific skin type, because skin is as individual as a fingerprint.

Therefore, the researchers are developing tailored precision formulas for different skin needs. Research takes place in our BABOR laboratories with innovative active ingredients.
Latest equipment technology enhances the effect of our precision formulas in the treatment. The result is an exceptional beauty experience that combines a precise effect and an ideal moment of indulgence.

Therefore BABOR is the art of precision skincare. 


The unique bi-phase cleansing method.


An effective cleansing ritual using products from the BABOR Cleansing line is the key to beautiful skin. Deep-action, bi-phase cleansing with HY-ÖL and the appropriate PHYTOACTIVE to suit the individual skin type forms the basis of BABOR facial cleansing. The Cleansing line also includes many other cleansing products, which have all been designed to cleanse very thoroughly and intensively, while maintaining the skin’s natural protective acid mantle.


The intelligent premium skincare range – perfectly suited to the exact needs of your skin.


BABOR’s intelligent premium skincare system SKINOVAGE is individually tailored to give the skin exactly what it needs.
The selected active formulas, which always take account of differing skin requirements, compensate for natural flaws in the skin and reactivate the skin’s own mechanisms.
The SKINOVAGE skincare system prevents skin aging caused by UV rays and other environmental factors and so ensures a fresh, youthful radiance and an even complexion.


Nature in the highest concentration for instant results you can see and feel.

The combination of sterile packaging and single-use ampoules also provides the purest form of skincare. BABOR was the first skincare company to develop ampoules as an attractive and practical packaging material for specific concentrates. Expertise, specialization and constant refinement have made BABOR the market leader in this segment. This head start naturally gives us a great advantage. As true power packages, the fluids offer immediate visible effects, are extremely well tolerated and comprise a range of high-dose active ingredients to suit every skin type and skin condition.
The BABOR AMPOULE CONCENTRATES FP impress with their noticeable, visible effect.


Time reverse skin care with the revolutionary RE-YOUTH COMPLEX.

REVERSIVE is an anti-aging skincare range with the Anti-Aging Serie mit Re-Youth Complex, which retains the individual beauty of your skin and makes minor flaws vanish from sight.
The Re-Youth ComplexE-YOUTH COMPLEX has an instant, smoothing effect. Based on modern, high-performance active ingredients that keep cells younger for longer, it has an activating effect and gives the skin added soluminosity and radiance.
At the same, it increases cellular resistance to stress. Skin discoloration and unevenness are reduced, leaving the complexion looking firmer and smoother, with a fresh, youthful glow.

HSR lifting

Lifting at the highest level.

HSR Lifting is a luxurious, anti-wrinkle skincare range suitable for all skin types. It counteracts the most important causes of wrinkle formation: the loss of volume and elasticity, the slowing down of the skin’s metabolism and the hardening of the dermal matrix. Five high-performance active ingredients are perfectly combined to combat all types of wrinkles and loss of skin tone. This innovative range of precision skincare products with a firming effect ensures skin looks smoother, more elastic and more youthful.


Precise solutions for all beauty requirements.

The DOCTOR BABOR professional skincare range stands for precision cosmetics “made in Germany”. With its high-performance formulations based on select active ingredients, DOCTOR BABOR sets new standards in the field of cosmeceuticals.

Back in 1956, when Dr. Michael Babor developed the first precision formulas for BABOR, terms such as “cosmeceuticals” or “DOCTOR” brands had not been invented. But he knew that precisely concentrated active ingredients provide intensive care for the skin. He then went on to develop the first skincare products that were specially tailored to individual needs, in other words, “the experts for skincare at home”. The DOCTOR BABOR range is a tribute to Dr. Michael Babor and sets the highest standards in line with the DOCTOR BABOR motto:
More effective – more precise – more innovative.


The secret of eternal youth, born from the depths of the ocean.

SeaCreation is BABOR’s luxury anti-aging skincare range containing precious active ingredients obtained from the deep sea.
The Sea-telligent Complex improves skin functions, protects the skin against premature aging and demonstrably reduces existing signs of aging.
The result is renewed beauty: the depths of lines is significantly reduced, and the skin is visibly firmer.
Facial contours are remodeled, giving them a firmer and more defined appearance.
The complexion is left looking energized and visibly rejuvenated, and has a fresh rosy glow.



BABOR SPA – the luxurious body care range – combines exceptional wellness fragrances with silky-smooth textures and exclusive active ingredients derived from plant stem-cell extracts.
Thanks to these select active ingredients, the products in the BABOR SPA range feel pleasant on the skin and provide a high-performance, anti-aging experience.
The various exclusive fragrances create unique moments of indulgence and an all-encompassing, luxurious SPA experience for body, mind and soul.


A woman’s beauty begins the moment she begins to be herself.

"With its exclusive textures and flexible nuances, BABOR AGEID emphasizes and reflects all the facets of a woman’s personality.
This exclusive foundation, which is based on skincare research, combines the highest requirements in terms of functionality, wearability, comfort and expressiveness with the latest demands placed on anti-aging products.
The individually adaptable Skin & Shape concept underscores the desired lifting effect of the BABOR range. It defines or harmonizes facial contours and adds youthful luminosity and radiance to the complexion. "


Sunbathe safely – for a natural tan.

Care and protection for beautiful skin. To prevent the sun from aging your skin.
Sunlight is good for us and produces serotonin, the happiness hormone. But as much as we love the sun, our skin needs effective protection. The ANTI-AGING SUN CARE range from BABOR contains an effective active formula that protects skin against light-induced cell damage and harmful UVA and UVB rays. Skin is left perfectly hydrated and protected as it preserves its youthful appearance. So you can enjoy the sun without a care in the world.


The ideal men's care product for vital, powerful and resistant skin.


Boost Pushen your performance with BABOR MEN professional products for the care of demanding male skin.
Today’s men always want to push themselves to their limits – and their expectations are no different when it comes to grooming.
BABOR MEN offers specific solutions to vitalize and strengthen the skin and improve its resistance
Taurec – the powerful active complex unique to the BABOR MEN range – calms the skin and boosts its natural vitality and energy.
Skin appears smoother and perfectly groomed. It looks well protected and responds less sensitively to environmental factors and stress.


The 24-hour care for youthful skin.

Essential Care is a simple and uncomplicated range designed to provide basic care for the skin. It is the perfect introduction to skincare for the most common skin types (dry, sensitive and oily or combination skin) and supplies the skin with the most important, basic active ingredients in order to leave the complexion looking fresh and well cared for. The 24-hour formulas are tailored to specific skin needs, and supply moisture, calm the skin and promote skin regeneration.